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FRAMEPRODUCTS——Pursue high quality and excellent service, take the brand road——

FRAMEThe Way Of Brand——We only provide excellent products and services to our customers——

Industrial drawing design

Industrial drawing design

Support sample/drawing customization, issue industrial grade drawings according to the provided parameters.

Professional technical team

Professional technical team

Provide exclusive solutions, close combination of theory and practical experience, to provide you with high-quality services.

Advanced production equipment

Advanced production equipment

With advanced production equipment and superb production level, it can ensure that the product performance is optimized and save you more investment costs.

Own factory price is reasonable

Own factory price is reasonable

Your own factory, independent production of supporting products, the most cost-effective, your best choice.

Four Core Advantages——Quality is the foundation, focus is trustworthy——

Brand strength precipitation

Focus on innovation, production and sales; Technology, quality and service are well received!

Elite team

Have a stable professional technical team,
Adhere to independent innovation and actively build industry brands!

Independent production

Have an independent and perfect production workshop, with experienced technical engineers, proficiently operate every link of production, strictly control the production process, ensure high-quality, excellent quality and efficient delivery!

Fine grinding, ingenuity quality

    ◆ Appearance: Craftsmanship;

    ◆ Performance: The performance of the product is stable, and it is at the forefront of the industry;

    ◆ Strength: Professional production and sales of various metal frames and pump accessories, pursuing high quality, excellent service, and taking the brand road.

FRAMECustomized processing process——Strictly control the quality standard from the beginning of design——

  • Drawing review
  • Material cutting
  • Preshaping
  • Welding joint
  • Welding
  • Polishing
  • Shaping
  • Surface finishing
  • Drilling
  • Burring
  • Sandblasting pretreatment
  • Sandblasting
  • Finial inspection
  • Painting
  • Inspection
  • Warehousing
  • Package
  • Deliverying

ABOUT US——Crafting and building water pump baseplate brand——

Wuxi Frame Machinery Manufacture Co.,Ltd

We, Wuxi Frame Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd established in 2018, which located in Yangshan Town, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, 3km far away from high speed way and transportation is convenient. Here nearly Wuxi Tai Lake Touring Area and is the hometown of famous Wuxi Juice Peach.

We have 3000 square meters of manufacturing workshops and 500 square meters stocking workshops which can satisfy 50 sets daily and 15,000~20,000 sets annual production capacity of pump base frames. And we are processional manufacturing machinery equipment, pump base frame, steel structure and so on.

Our products quality are reach to the advanced level of the same industry manufacturers because of a strong technical team, advanced manufacturing equipments, a professional manufacturing team, a perfect quality controlling system.


PARTNER——Being strategic partners of pumps——


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